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The Town of Corning Offices are located at 20 South Maple St, Corning NY 14830

The Town of Corning was established in1852. Located in southeastern Steuben County, it has a total area of 37.3 miles. The Town is bordered on the East by the Town of Big Flats, on the North by the Town of Hornby, on the South by The Town of Caton and West by the Town of Erwin. The Town has 56.1 miles of roads.

Interstate 86 runs through the Town along with State Routes 17, 414, 225, 352. There are two Villages within the Town, the Village of Riverside and Village of South Corning.

The Town is home to the 550 acre campus of Corning Community College.

New York State Chief Information officer/Office for Technology

Andrew M. Cuomo - Governor

Governor Cuomo Declares State of Emergency as Winter Storm Hits New York State

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Separate winter weather storms combining to affect every corner of the State; road closures impacting Interstate 84, Interstate 87, and the Long Island Expressway

Albany, NY (January 2, 2014)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today declared a statewide state of emergency as a major winter storm has already started to bring heavy snow, sub-zero temperatures and high winds across New York State. A state of emergency mobilizes resources to local governments that otherwise are restricted to state use only and allows the Governor to suspend laws and regulations that would impede rapid response.


The Governor urged New Yorkers to avoid traveling and stay inside their homes until the worst of the storm has passed.


“As this winter storm unfolds, bringing heavy snow and high winds to many parts of the state, I strongly urge all New Yorkers to exercise caution, avoid travel, and stay indoors,” Governor Cuomo said. “To ensure an effective and rapid response to this winter storm, I am declaring a statewide state of emergency, so resources can get to communities where they are needed as quickly as possible.”


Click here to view a copy of the Governor’s Executive Order. Click here to listen to audio from the Governor’s latest winter storm briefing conference call.


Steps taken to ensure readiness include:


Roads and Bridges

The following actions will allow plow operations on critical roadways to be maintained overnight while ensuring driver safety:

  • Vehicular traffic will be banned on the following roads beginning at midnight tonight with an anticipated reopening at 5a.m. dependent upon weather conditions: Interstate 84 from the Pennsylvania state line to the Connecticut state line; Interstate 87 from exit 24 in Albany to the New York City border and the Long Island Expressway in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The ban will be enforced with a combination of entrance closures and police enforcement. Violators of the ban will be subject to a Class B misdemeanor.
  • Interstate 84 from the Pennsylvania state line to the Connecticut state line will be closed to commercial truck traffic due to the winter weather conditions beginning at 5 p.m. All commercial vehicles including large trucks (over 26,000 pounds GCWR/GVWR), tractors, tractor trailers and buses will not be permitted on the 70-mile stretch of highway. Interstate 84 will be closed to all traffic beginning at midnight. The ban will remain in effect until further notice.
  • Motorists using bridges should allow extra travel time and operate at reduced speeds due to wet roadways. As the storm intensifies, high winds and white out conditions may result in intermittent bridge or ramp closures. Certain vehicles, including motorcycles, tractor trailers, step vans, mini buses, trucks with open backs, cars pulling trailers, motorhomes, and vehicles carrying plate glass, may be temporarily barred from using crossings due to high winds and wet roadways.
  • A 35 mph speed limit is in effect on the Tappan Zee Bridge.
  • There are approximately 470,000 tons of salt on hand across the state to pre-treat roads as precipitation begins.
  • All Thruway and New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) maintenance headquarters will be fully staffed around the clock for the duration of the storm.
  • The contractor building the New NY Bridge, Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) will suspend all construction work on Friday due to the impending storm. TZC is currently securing all marine vessels at the project site. Crane booms and other equipment are being tied down, double checked and positioned to avoid any potential damage. TZC will maintain a small crew on site overnight to continuously monitor conditions and respond immediately to any problems.

The New York State Department of Transportation and New York State Thruway Authority have plows available statewide to clear snow and treat roads with salt and are sending additional plows to assist with snow operations in Long Island. NYSDOT crews in will be out before the storm pre-treating the roads with salt to help slow ice and snow buildup. In addition, NYSDOT has private contractors on standby with additional equipment and personnel to be deployed as necessary.

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The 2013 Final Assessment Roll has been posted. Please click here to access it.

New York State Consolidated Laws

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The Town of Corning 2012 Annual Update Document, 2012 Financials are available in the Document Section of the website and available upon request at the Town Hall in the Town Clerk's Office.
We have now received information regarding the STAR Registration Program through the NYS Department of Tax and Finance. 

This program applies to all homeowners receiving the Basic STAR Exemption. Those who are receiving the Enhanced STAR Exemption do not need to register to continue receiving their STAR benefits. 

Owners may apply online anytime through December 31st, 2013 or call to register (518)-457-2036. You can look up your STAR registration code on the NYS  Department of Tax and Finance website, wait for the letter to come in the mail that containing your STAR registration code, or call their number (518)-457-2036. The link to the online registration can be found below.
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for the





Town of Corning

20 South Maple Street

Corning, NY 14830

Telephone: (607) 936-6114
Fax:      (607) 937-0779



February 7, 2014

Deadline: March 3, 2014









The Town of Corning – Corning Manor Water District recently investigated the related cost and funding scenarios for water system improvements to the District. The Town is therefore seeking Statements of Qualifications for engineering services and design services to replace the existing 5,600 lf water main, inspect/clean the existing wells, install new services/meter pits and demolish the existing 42,000 gallon tank.

Qualification packages shall be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to Supervisor Kimberly Feehan, and be plainly marked on the outside of the envelope, "QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES for CORNING MANOR WATER DISTRICT”, and be delivered at the Town Hall at 20 South Maple Street, Corning, New York 14830 by 11:59 AM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, on Monday, March 3, 2014. Information received after that date and time will not be considered.  

The full Request for Qualifications may be obtained from the Town Clerk Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM – 4:30PM.  The Town of Corning reserves the right to reject any Statements of Qualifications or all Statements of Qualifications, the right to waive any informalities, the right to permit exceptions deemed not to be of substance, and the right to accept any Statement of Qualifications which the Town deems to represent the prudent and economical expenditure of the public monies for the benefit of the Town’s inhabitants by securing the maximum quality.

Clarice Ross

Town Clerk

Town of Corning, New York

1.        General Information

1.1          The Town of Corning was established in 1852 and is located in Steuben County in the Southern Tier of New York.  It consists of five boroughs; they are: East Corning, Morrcrest, Gibson and the Villages of Riverside and South Corning. Total population in the Town on April 1, 2010 was 6,270 people. The population of the Town is unevenly distributed across the landscape with the low-lying valleys, close to the City of Corning, having a much higher population density. The hills and higher elevations have a much less populated, rural character.

1.2          The Town of Corning is seeking Statements of Qualifications for engineering services and design services for system improvements for the Corning Manor Water District. 

1.3          Qualification packages shall be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to Supervisor Kimberly Feehan, and be plainly marked on the outside of the envelope, "QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES FOR CORNING MANOR WATER DISTRICT”, and be delivered at the Town Hall at 20 South Maple Street, Corning, New York 14830 by 11:59 AM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, on Monday, March 3, 2014. Information received after that date and time will not be considered.  Six (6) copies of submissions are required.

1.4          Submittals must contain a list of all similar Projects completed in the last five (5) years, company profile, personnel to be assigned to the Project and references. Detailed requirements for submittals are provided in Section 3.

2.        Background

2.1       The Town of Corning operates and maintains five water districts: Corning Manor, East Corning, Gibson, Hornby Road and Pinewood Acres (includes Corning Community College).  The Corning Manor District is generally described as follows:

Corning Manor – This District serves approximately 350 people at 98 service connections.  The water source is from two (2) groundwater wells that are approximately 70 feet deep and are located off Fairway Road.  The water is pumped to a 42,000 gallon storage tank that is located behind the park.  The water is treated at the pumping facilities with liquid chlorine known as sodium hypochlorite.  A metering pump is used to control the amount injected to the water as it is pumped to the storage tank prior to distribution.  The Town is actively researching upgrades to this system at this time.

2.2       The existing District was constructed in the 1950s and is in need of upgrades for future operation. 

2.3       In July 2013, the Town received a Preliminary Cost Estimate for the improvement project from the Larson Design Group.  The probable total Project cost is estimated to be $600,000 in that report.  The Town is seeking a $150,000 Appalachian Regional Commission grant. Additionally, the Town is preparing an application for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for up to $600,000 to help minimize costs to the Water District. As of February 5, 2013, the income survey for the District had a 92.5% response rate with 65.6% of the households surveyed falling within the Low-Moderate Income range.

2.4       The Project consists of the following:

·         Replacement of 5,600 lf of existing AC watermain with new 8” DIP watermain, valves, fire hydrants and service lines from main to meter pits.

·         Meter pits include new radio-read meters and pressure reducing valves.

·         Includes Sensus Drive-by RadioRead System.

Water Well Services:

o   Video inspect and clean if needed.

o   Install new pumps to bring up to pressure.

o   Replace electrical system.

o   Install VFD or soft start system.

o   Replace wellhouse piping and install pressure reducing valves on main lines.

·         Engineer to also provide evaluation of typical watermain replacement versus pipe-burst methodology.

·         Demolition of the existing 42,000 gallon water tank (may be separate Project).

·         Coordination with the Town Highway Superintendent, Town Water Superintendent and Town Utility Consultant.

·         Coordination with multiple Funding Agencies.

2.5       The Town intends to proceed with Preliminary and Final Design and subsequently bidding and construction of the facilities as soon as possible to serve the immediate need of the area.

2.6       The following are tentative, milestone dates for the progress of this Project:


February 10, 2014

RFQ Distributed

March 3, 2014

Statements of Qualifications due, Qualifications Reviewed by Town Board.  If necessary, Firms selected for interviews

March 2014

Consultant interviews (if necessary).  Consultant Selected. Refine Scope and Negotiate Engineering Agreement.  Begin Preliminary Design Work

August 2014

Solicit Bids for Construction pending funding Letter of Conditions

3.        Statement of Qualification Package Requirements

Each package shall include the following items:

3.1          The Respondent must submit a qualifications package in accordance with the instructions and provide a list of similar Projects, company profile, personnel to be assigned, and references.  Client references should include names of individuals and telephone numbers.

3.2          Demonstrated experience and qualifications of the actual personnel who will complete the services.

3.3          A description of the analysis and plan concepts and the personnel who will be performing various tasks, and the location of the office from which personnel are based.

3.4          Evidence of experience with other Projects successfully completed on time and within budget, specifically those that were funded through ARC and CDBG programs.

3.5          Review existing Preliminary Cost Estimate and provide a cost estimate for professional services for engineering including survey, design, permitting, Funding Agency coordination and construction administration.

3.6          Qualification Packages should be 10 pages or less not counting individual resumes.  Individual resumes should be attached as an appendix to the statement of qualifications.

4.        Method of Selection


4.1.      The Corning Town Board will review all Statement of Qualification packages received. Respondents will be ranked on the Town’s evaluation criteria. Consultants with no prior experience, and submittals that do not meet minimum RFQ requirements, will not be considered. A composite ranking will be determined by committee considering, but not limited to, the following categories:

4.1.1.   Quality of submission.

4.1.2.   Relevant Firm experience with similar Projects and Firm experience with CDBG and ARC funding.

4.1.3.   Qualifications and experience of personnel assigned to, and actually working on the Project.

4.1.3.   Experience of the Firm with working with the Town of Corning and the related water systems.

4.2.      The Corning Town Board may, at its discretion, request Respondents for an interview.

4.3.      The highest ranked Respondent after the interviews, if conducted, will be selected for engineering Scope of Service and Fee Agreement negotiation. The Town Board will seek to negotiate a detailed scope of work, fee, and schedule with the highest ranking Respondent. If unable to reach an agreement, the Town Board will terminate negotiations, and commence negotiations with the second-ranked Respondent, and so forth.  The Owner/Consultant Agreement shall be compliant with all Funding Agency requirements (ie., EJCDC Agreement).

5.        Procedure Information

5.1.      Submission of Information: Sealed Statements of Qualifications will be received at the Town Hall, no later than the submittal deadline specified in Section 1.2. Submittals received after the deadline will not be considered.

5.2.      The Town Board, reserves the right to reject all submissions that he/she determines do not meet the intent of these RFQ requirements and to waive defects in form or minor irregularities where the best interest of the Town would be served.

5.3.      Qualification Package Presentation Costs: The Respondents must bear all of their respective costs associated with submittal including preparation, copying, postage, and delivery costs. The Town will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by persons responding to this RFQ.

5.4.      Cancellation of Solicitation: The Town retains the right to cancel this Solicitation at any time prior to the execution and approval of a Contract. If this Solicitation is canceled, all Submittals received in response to this RFQ will be rejected. All package preparation costs remain the responsibility of the Proposer.

5.5.      Return of Information Package: The Town shall be under no obligation to return any materials submitted by a Respondent in response to this RFQ.

5.6.      Additional Information:  Questions about the Project shall only be directed to the Town Clerk, in writing.

Copyright 2012, Town of Corning, NY