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The Town of Corning will be hosting a Pre-REEACT Shooter Response Class for Municipalities and the Public. Mr. Tom Huffman will be our Presenter from Critical Abilities Development LLC. Mr. Huffman is a retired NYS State Police Officer and School Resource Officer.

Two sessions will be held: 2 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. on Tuesday May 31st, 2016 at the Town of Corning Hall. The Presentation is approximately two hours. These presentations are in an effort to educate Municipalities as well as the General Public about Active Shooting situations.

RSVP is required by email to or 607-936-6114 ext. 5 by no later than Friday, May 20th, 2016.

We look forward to you attending!
2016 Tentative Assessment Roll Available Online Minimize
The 2016 Tentative Assessment Roll has been posted, please click here to access it.

New York State Consolidated Laws

Welcome to the the Town of Corning, NY online! Minimize
The Town of Corning Offices are located at 20 South Maple St, Corning NY 14830

The Town of Corning was established in 1852. Located in southeastern Steuben County, it has a total area of 37.3 miles. The Town is bordered on the East by the Town of Big Flats, on the North by the Town of Hornby, on the South by The Town of Caton and West by the Town of Erwin. The Town has 56.1 miles of roads. 

Interstate 86 runs through the Town along with State Routes 17, 414, 225, 352. There are two Villages within the Town, the Village of Riverside and Village of South Corning. 

The Town is home to the 550 acre campus of Corning Community College.
East Corning Water District 1 Update Minimize
Welcome to the East Corning Water District update page!

Town of Corning Engineer for the East Corning WD Project: James Gensel
Fagan Engineering

Town Supervisor Kim Feehan
936-6114 (ext 5)

2/17/16- This Extension has been substantially completed. The Department of Health has authorized the Town to put this line in service.

Any residence within this extension may now contact their Plumber and Ken Fields, Town of Corning Water Operator to facilitate connecting to the water system. 607-936-6114 ext 6
4/4/16- the Contractor has finishing work left to be done. Restoration work will begin in later April to early May.
Town Financials Minimize
The Town of Corning 2015 Annual Update Document, 2015 Financials are available in the Document Section of the website and available upon request at the Town Hall in the Town Clerk's Office.
We have now received information regarding the STAR Registration Program through the NYS Department of Tax and Finance. 

This program applies to all homeowners receiving the Basic STAR Exemption. Those who are receiving the Enhanced STAR Exemption do not need to register to continue receiving their STAR benefits. 

Owners may apply online anytime through December 31st, 2015 or call to register (518)-457-2036. You can look up your STAR registration code on the NYS  Department of Tax and Finance website, wait for the letter to come in the mail that containing your STAR registration code, or call their number (518)-457-2036. The link to the online registration can be found below.
East Corning water District Extension #2 Minimize
THE PETITION CURRENTLY HAS 45 SIGNATURES, with an ASSESSED value of $9,493,600.00 which is 47%. Total Assessed valuation of the proposed district is $20,210,804.00.
Corning Manor Capital Improvement Project Update Minimize
3/15/16- The Town Board has approved contracts at the 3/15/16 Board meeting for this Capital Improvement project.
The Contractors will be receiving the notice to proceed on 4/6/16. Work should be commencing in the next couple weeks.
If you are resident and have any questions or issues please call the Supervisor at 607-329-8786 or the Engineer, RC Holmes at 734-2165.
Town of Corning Consolidation EC 1 Water Planning Grant Update Minimize
2/17/16 -Town of Corning Planning Grant for the Consolidation of Gibson Water District, Gibson Water District Extension 1, Corning Manor Water District, East Corning Water District, East Corning Water District Extension 1 (and potentially East Corning Water District Extension 2, if approved) has been submitted to the the New York State Department of State.
The Citizens Empowerment grant is a frequent and non-competitive grant that on the planning side is 50/50 match upon award. The maximum of the project cannot exceed $50,000. The Grant is 50/50 match.

The Town's plan upon award of this grant is to prepare State Environmental quality review of the proposed Consolidation of operation and maintenance of all of these Districts so as to reduce the water use costs to the users in all of these districts.

Currently, our Water Operator has water testing,monthly, quarterly and annually along with associated reporting requirements that would reduce extensive redundancies as he currently is required to do so for each individual district.
The current Debts of all these water Districts will stay the same as they are currently are until they are paid off.

By receiving this grant a Map Plan and report will be generated and upon approval of this plan by the New York State Department of State the Town will then apply for an implementation grant in early 2017. This implementation grant is a match of 40/ 10.

If the Implementation grant is awarded then the tentative plan is to consolidate these districts effective January 1, 2018.

We will keep you updated as we expect to hear of our status on this grant application within the next 90 days! AS of 4/18/16 the Town has not heard anything regarding the our status of this grant we will keep you posted!
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